Messages From The Wild

Annabel Ross, Creator

In my 30s I moved from my cosy life in London working at the BBC World Service to East Africa where I stayed for many years producing educational radio drama.

I finally returned to England in 2014. Expat life hadn’t looked after me too well so I then decided to take responsibility for my health and train as a Nutritional Therapist in Bristol for three years. This is where I became interested in soil health.

After graduating I wanted to find a way to combine what I’d learnt about human health with my radio skills. I went to Devon to interview “Dr Compost” about soil health and wondered if there was a better way of entertaining whilst educating – he kindly agreed to become an earthworm for me whilst I did some gentle interrogating. Messages from the Wild grew from there.

And my knowledge grew rapidly as I interviewed more and more of our native wild animals, realising the urgent need for us all to connect with our closest cousins, on our doorstep, to protect them. Every single animal (including us) has a part in the web of life and we need our biodiversity to be protected.

I hope that Messages from the Wild will give us that understanding (without lecturing). I would like as many people as possible to hear these conversations, to laugh and smile and learn and continue to be curious about nature.

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