Messages From The Wild

Animals have been silent for too long. They’re ready to talk.

Gain an extraordinary new perspective on what it’s really like to be a buzzard, an otter, a hedgehog, an earthworm, a seahorse…

Annabel Ross’s MESSAGES FROM THE WILD is a growing collection of brief, quirky, curious interviews where experts speak for the species they know best, offering us a new perspective on the wild world around us. You’ll find out why spiders fear baths, hedgehogs hate milk and stag beetles love fighting. And you’ll never look at these animals in the same way again.


“Hilariously funny and informative at the same time.”

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As featured at The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall with contributions from Jimmy Doherty as The Buff Tailed Bumblebee, Hannah Stitfall as The Hedgehog and Dame Judi Dench as The Oak Tree, for the series: Voices of the Lost Gardens.

Everyone should have a way of engaging with wildlife in such a creative lovely accessible way. Annabel just knows how to ask the right questions and she knows what people might want to know about a creature.” Laura Chesterfield, Head of Garden Experience, The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Add a new dimension to visitor attractions

MESSAGES FROM THE WILD can bring alive the wild animals and plants found at your visitor’s attraction, inspiring and entertaining visitors with warm, witty interviews and a new perspective on their environment.

The ocean is often overlooked when it comes to a happy healthy planet but “there is no green without blue” which is why we collaborated with Gallifrey Foundation and Mission Blue for this series: Voices from the Ocean, including a contribution from oceanographer Dr Sylvia Earle as The Goliath Grouper.

“We must protect our ocean as if our lives depend upon it, because they do.” Dr Sylvia Earle

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Without curiosity, without asking why, without wondering what, we get stuck where we are and when we get stuck, nothing changes. We have to allow our curiosity to set us free from our ordinary world and ask questions about the extraordinary world around us, not just from each other but from the other living, breathing things that we share our lives with.

“A great way to start any day. Simple, funny and life-affirming.”

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What’s your favourite animal? Is it a Dung Beetle, an Otter, Sperm Whale, Hedgehog, Bumblebee or perhaps it’s a Green Cellar Slug? 

You might be surprised.

Explore these conversations with wildlife for yourself. You’ll discover something new in every single interview you listen to. 

Conversations with Wildlife