Messages From The Wild

Wildlife Library

MESSAGES FROM THE WILD is a collection of brief interviews with wildlife where we’ve teamed up with a group of experts who’ve offered themselves up to take on the role of their chosen animal. They haven’t a clue what they are going to be asked, they just think like their animal and answer on their behalf.

We are therefore invited into the weird and wonderful world of wildlife, to understand it from their perspective, to hear how they live: sometimes funny, sometimes enlightening, often endearing and always with a message for us.

VOICES OF THE LOST GARDENS is a collection of sixteen interviews specially commissioned by The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, England.

They wanted to give a voice to the wild and less wild animals that are found in their beautiful gardens. These conversations are being housed in specially designed shepherd’s huts in Heligan for people to hear when they visit the gardens. Each season they will change to four new animals.

Everyone should have a way of engaging with wildlife in such a creative lovely accessible way. Annabel just knows how to ask the right questions and she knows what people might want to know about a creature.” Laura Chesterfield, Head of Garden Experience, The Lost Gardens of Heligan

SUMMER SEASON: Buff Tailed Bumblebee, Red Ruby Devon Bullock, Pipistrelle Bat, Red Admiral Butterfly

VOICES FROM THE OCEAN is a collection of interviews with our lesser known marine wildlife.

This is such an important series as we really know so little about the ocean. It comes to us with thanks to Gallifrey Foundation and Mission Blue, finding experts from all over the world to give us their time and energy so that we can be entertained whilst being educated.

With knowing, comes caring, and with caring there’s hope, that we can find an enduring place for ourselves within the natural systems that support us. But first, we have to know.” Dr Sylvia Earle