Messages From The Wild

Lesson plan overview

We’re getting to know the wildlife on our doorstep, understanding what it’s really like to be an ant, fox, otter, dung beetle, hawk moth, hedgehog, buzzard, dragonfly, earthworm, butterfly, bumble bee, hermit crab, seagull, cellar spider, holly blue butterfly…in today’s world.

Lesson length:
30-120 minutes
Who is it for?:
Curious young minds

Skills learned:

listening, critical thinking, empathy, creativity, research, drawing, speaking, information processing, technical audio, interviewing, teamwork, new ways of learning

Knowledge gained:

environment, natural history, wildlife habitats, unusual facts about animals, ecology, climate change, nature and conservation, how animals protect the planet, biodiversity

Use your own ideas or be inspired by these: Learn unusual facts about our local animals and create a quiz or draw an…